P-M-S-I provides practical training for individuals involved in vibration analysis and predictive maintenance (PdM).  Our instructors are all qualified by the Vibration Institute at the Vibration Specialist II level or higher and are currently involved in the day-to-day operation of PdM programs.   This allows us to communicate most effectively with the students enrolled in our courses and to develop "case histories" demonstrating the application of vibration analysis to solve actual field problems.  The combination of these "case histories"  with live class demonstrations and workshops, contributes to the student's understanding of the material. 

The majority of our courses are presented on-site for specific clients, allowing us to tailor the material to meet specific client requirements.  However, open enrollment courses are presented in various locations.  The topical outlines for the Basic Vibration Analysis and Advanced Vibration Analysis courses can be view by clicking on the appropriate title.  We also offer specific training in:


If you want to discuss your training needs, please telephone or send an e-mail message or a fax outlining your needs.

Last Updated: 08/09/04