Course Description: Basic Vibration Analysis/Predictive Maintenance


This course is designed to teach participants the skills required to:

This course is also an excellent method of preparing for the Vibration Institute Specialist I certification examination.


This course, consisting of four days of instruction, is designed to prepare individuals to work in vibration-based predictive maintenance programs. Topics include the fundamentals of vibration analysis and the procedures used to implement predictive maintenance on rotating machinery used in manufacturing and plant facilities. The instructor uses a series of lecture/discussion sessions with live demonstrations, problem solving sessions, and hands-on workshops involving the use of vibration instrumentation. This allows participants to familiarize themselves with vibration monitoring and diagnostic techniques as well as the operation of diagnostic instruments.

Areas of emphasis includes vibration terminology, vibration units, diagnostic plots (with special emphasis on the FFT spectrum plot), analysis of common bearing and gear faults, and vibration standards. An introduction to the analysis of electrically caused vibration problems on AC and DC motors, flow induced vibration in centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, and drive belt vibration is also provided. The measurement of the phase angle with a single channel data collector/analyzer is used, in conjunction with frequency measurements, to help in the diagnosis of imbalance, misalignment, and structural looseness. The concept of natural frequency is discussed and the results of resonance are shown using case history data.

Several workshops are provided through the use of specially designed rotor demonstrators. These demonstration units allow participants the opportunity to actually measure the vibration caused by defects designed into the demonstrators.

A final examination consists of a written test and graded workshop exercises.



No previous vibration experience is needed to attend this course. The ability to use simple algebraic formulas for conversion of units is required.


Recommended for all personnel that are directly involved in vibration measurement and analysis. Also recommended for engineers and supervisors with an interest in or responsibility for predictive maintenance programs. This course is a prerequisite for the "Advanced Vibration Analysis" and the "Balancing" courses offered by P-M-S-I.