Course Description: Advanced Vibration Analysis


This course is designed to assist participants to develop the skills required to analyze complex vibration problems on a wide array of rotating machinery. Students are exposed to the solution of many types of vibration problems through the use of "case history" examples.


This 4-day course is designed to prepare individuals to analyze vibration related problems on rotating machinery. Since most of these problems are detected as a part of the predictive maintenance process, the course is approached from that prospective. Topics include a brief review of the fundamentals of vibration analysis and the procedures used to implement predictive maintenance on rotating machinery. A series of lectures and discussions, augmented with live demonstrations and problem solving sessions, enable participants to grasp the key elements of the analysis process.

The steps necessary to properly evaluate the health of typical types of machinery are covered in detail. These include the selection of:

Areas of special emphasis include:







"Basic Vibration Analysis" (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for this course.


Recommended for individuals with experience in vibration analysis wishing to improve their diagnostic capabilities.